Sports Betting & Arizona

About HB-2772, Online Sports Betting in Arizona

On April 15th of 2021, Arizona legislators passed a contested bill, HB-2772. In short, the bill legalizes online sports betting within the state for a period of up to 20 years, at which both lawmakers and constituents will evaluate its effects over this time.

Unfortunately for some, sports betting has its pitfalls as another form of gambling. Whether its playing on the casino floor, sitting aside a racetrack or now, making wagers on your smartphone or tablet, the fact of the matter is, these are all forms of gambling. For most, this is a simple and occasional, recreational activity to enjoy at a moderate leisure. For impulsive gamblers, however, sports betting is no different than a game of keno or craps: a game of chance, not skill, can become addictive.

If you are experiencing significant distress primarily due to sports betting, here are some general warning signs:

  1. Sports betting becomes the focus of your day

  2. Experiencing a "high" when you are engaged with or are actively betting.

  3. Borrowing money to bet.

  4. Stealing or engaging in criminal behavior to acquire money for betting.

  5. Lying about your finances in order to acquire money/credit for betting, or to recoup after a loss.

  6. Needing to gradually increase the amount betted in order to stimulate a desired feeling of excitement.

  7. Betting to soothe feelings of anxiety, sadness, frustration, anger, etc.

  8. When you're not betting, you experience irritability, discontentedness, anxiety or distress.

  9. Using money prioritized for important bills to bet with, such as a mortgage, child support, food, car payments, etc.

  10. Finding yourself having multiple attempts to stop or "cut back" with no success.

  11. Jeopardizing an important relationship, career or opportunity for the sake of sports betting.

  12. Chasing losses. Instead of calling it quits, you find yourself digging deeper to "win it back".