Problem Gambling Warning Signs

Common Warning Signs to  Be Aware of when Assessing

The Four Phases of Escape Gambling 

"Escape" Gambler: (also called late-on-set gambler): Gambling has not been a life-long problem.  The gambler may have previously gambled without problems. These gamblers usually play "luck" games such as bingo, lottery, slot or video poker or keno machines. 

Not every escape gambler will experience all of the symptoms or progress through the symptoms of a phase in the same order or at the same time.  Some may return to a previous stage for a short period of time.  This is often seen after a *bailout has occurred. *Bailout: friends or family may pay off loans or bills in an attempt to help the gambler get back on track. 

Introductory Phase characteristics may include:

Losing/chasing Phase characteristics may include:

Desperation Phase characteristics may include:

Hopeless Phase characteristics may include:

Adapted from "Four Phases of Escape Gambling", Arizona Council on Compulsive Gambling